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Kerlin A, Mohar B, Flickinger D, MacLennan BJ, Dean M,  Davis C, Spruston N, Svoboda K (2019) Functional clustering of dendritic activity during decision-making. eLife 2019;8:e46966;

Dana H, Sun Y, Mohar B, Hulse BK, Kerlin AM, Hasseman JP, Tsegaye G, Tsang A, Wong A, Patel R, Macklin JJ, Chen Y, Konnerth A, Jayaraman V, Looger LL, Schreiter ER, Svoboda K & Kim DS (2019) High-performance calcium sensors for imaging activity in neuronal populations and microcompartments Nature Methods. 16:649–657

Lu R, Sum W, Liang Y, Kerlin A, Bierfeld J, Seelig J, Wilson D, Scholl B, Mohar B, Tanimoto M, Koyama M, Fitzpatrick D, Orger M & Na J (2017) Video-rate volumetric functional imaging of the brain at synaptic resolution. Nature Neuroscience. 20:620-628.

Liu R, Milkie DE, Kerlin A, MacLennan B & Ji N (2014) Direct phase measurement in zonal wavefront reconstruction using multidither coherent optical adaptive technique. Optics Express. 22:1619-28.

Andermann ML, Kerlin AM, Roumis DK, Glickfeld LL & Reid RC (2011) Functional specialization of mouse higher visual cortical areas. Neuron. 72:1025-1039. 

Bock DD, Allen Lee WC, Kerlin AM, Andermann ML, Hood G, Wetzel AW, Yurgenson S, Soucy ER, Kim HS & Reid RC (2011) Network anatomy and in vivo physiology of a group of visual cortical neurons. Nature. 471:177-182.

Kerlin AM, Andermann ML, Berezovskii VK & Reid RC (2010) Broadly tuned response properties of diverse inhibitory neuron subtypes in mouse visual cortex. Neuron. 67:858-71.


Aaron Kerlin
Principal Investigator
Assistant Professor


Department of Neuroscience  Optical Imaging and Brain Science MDT

Ph.D. Neurobiology, Harvard University
BA Neuroscience, Oberlin College

Google Scholar
Benjamin Dougen 


Department of Neuroscience


BS Neuroscience, University of Minnesota

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Deano Farinella
Optical Engineer

Optical Imaging and Brain Science MDT

Ph.D. Physics University of California
MS Physics, University of California
BS Astrophysics/Physics, University of Minnesota

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GCamp labeling of neurons in mouse KL1001-2 The microscope/laser control center ...
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Our 12x5 foot optical table has arrived so we can begin building our 2-photon microscope ...
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Now that the renovations to the lab space are done, we can start unpacking and building our experiments ...
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Join our team

The Kerlin Lab is recruiting Graduate Students, Postdocs, and Research Technicians interested in advanced imaging techniques and the neurobiology of learning! We are seeking creative individuals with both technical (e.g., engineering, computer science) and biological interests.  Multiple fully funded positions are available. Interested individuals are encouraged to send a CV to

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321 Church Street SE
Jackson Hall (Lab: 3-114) (Office: 4-155A)
Minneapolis, MN 55455

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