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Synaptic Interrogation
Dendritic Computation
Motor Learning
Smart Microscopy
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Aaron Kerlin
Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor
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Zachary Newman
Senior Scientist

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Jackson Scheib 
Ph.D. Student

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Jacob Gable

Ph.D. Student

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Harishankar Jayakumar
Optical Engineer

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Deano Farinella
Optical Engineer

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Sarah Young

Researcher 1








Mitchell Head – Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Waikato

Gabriella Bjellos

Tien Dinh

Ravi Dantuluri

Benjamin Dougen – Neuroscience PhD student, Sungkyunkwan University

Jarod Davis

Dante Rogers


Savannah Bliese – Neuroscience PhD student, University of Iowa

Angela Kim 

Huan Tran


We are happy to announce Savannah Bliese, Psychology and Neuroscience BS, University of Ohio - Miami, is joining the lab ...
/ Lab Updates
U of M Researcher Discovers Subcellular Computations Within the Brain During Decision-Making New research suggests that during decision-making, neurons in ...
/ Lab Updates
Aaron getting the scope ready for imaging ...
/ Lab Updates
GCamp labeling of neurons in mouse KL1001-2 The microscope/laser control center ...
/ Lab Updates

Join our team

The Kerlin Lab is recruiting Graduate Students, Postdocs, and Research Technicians interested in advanced imaging techniques and the neurobiology of learning! We are seeking creative individuals with both technical (e.g., engineering, computer science) and biological interests.  Multiple fully funded positions are available. Interested individuals are encouraged to send a CV to

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